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Healing with Horses is an equine-based therapeutic program staffed by licensed clinical social workers and therapists.  Healing with Horses promotes growth, learning, peaceful conflict resolution, and self-esteem building.

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About Us

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We are a non-profit organization currently hosted at C-Line Stables, Townsend, Delaware in Kent County.  Healing With Horses works with individuals and their families to create harmony in the home.  We are comprised of professionals from all walks of life who share a hunger to help heal individuals in conflict and foster healthy life skills that will sustain.

How it Works

What happens while I’m there….
Clients are exposed to equine psychotherapy which means they draw their own conclusions from their personal experiences during the interaction with their horse partner. Clients are given an activity to be completed with their horse partner.  The activity is overseen by a horse expert and licensed therapist.  Afterwards, the client is then called upon to reflect on that activity with the mental health professional. The therapeutic benefits are immediate!

Why it Works

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Equine-based therapy is recognized internationally as an effective treatment model.  It works because it is fluid and evolving, similar to life situations.  It works because it is monitored by professional staff that allows for client growth alongside their horse “partners” on a self-guided road to healing. Because the results are client driven, as opposed to more traditional talk therapy methods, the client has more faith in their own progress.