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Our one-day workshops began in 2015 and each focus on a particular topic such as Empowering Women, Leadership, or Dating Safety.  The workshops integrate discussion sessions with ground-based horse exercises to explore different aspects of the workshops’ focus. The horses are freely roaming the arena.  The equine specialist then gives attendees a specific task which may sound simple or mundane but participants must use teamwork and negotiation skills to make this happen!  Through it all you practice these skills in such a novel way that you may not even realize you are learning things until the exercise is complete.  Workshop attendees have reported a greater understanding of themselves and the ability to work as a team as a result of these exercises and walk away with tactics they can apply to many other daily activities.

Individual Therapy

At the first appointment, the client will be introduced to their licensed therapist and equine specialist as well as their horse partner or partners. The client will be reassured that therapy sessions are confidential in nature. The client will then be provided an instruction or exercise that will prompt an interaction between the client and horse partner. The client is then called to reflect upon their experience with the therapist and equine specialist. Healing with Horses Inc. is not a riding program. All of the programs with our horses are done on the ground and no prior equine experience is necessary. See what it’s all about…click on the “play” arrow in the video below:

Other programs